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Hopper's IPA

Hopper's IPA

Hazy IPA

Hazy Golden

Bru-1, Enigma, EXP431

Marris Otter, Munich, Oats, Wheat


Keg and Can

Feb - Mar

Brewed in collaboration with our friends over at Simply Hops, this beer has been loaded with the most recent experimental new hop to hit the UK shores, Bru-1. A hazy IPA, this is big and juicy, with a satisfyingly bitter finish. Pineapple and tropical fruit flavours explode from the glass whilst a grapefruit bitterness finishes the whole beer off. To really let the hops shine, we used a whole load of oats in the brewing of the beer to provide a rounder, softer body for the vibrant hop flavours to work off of.


Bow Bells and Roller IPA are our two other big, hop-forward beers. Whilst Hopper's IPA may not be year round, these two certainly are and will provide the hop-hit you crave!