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Labelled with Love

Posted 24 October 2013


Baddeley seal

When it came to labelling Truman's London Keeper 1880 Double Export Stout - the beer we brewed to christen the new brewery - we wanted the packaging to be as stunning as the beer itself.

After investigating a variety of options, we decided to keep it resolutely East London and get our labels printed by Baddeley Brothers - one of the UK's very finest printers.

Baddeley Brothers - based in London Fields, Hackney - are one the last of the great London printers and one of the few in the country to still use the traditional letterpress technique. The final, stripped-back design, printed on 720gsm card by a Heidelburg machine from the mid-20th century, is absolutely beautiful. A real work of art.

You can read all about Baddeley Brothers on the Spitalfields Life blog (this wonderful blog also covered the launch of London Keeper).

A big thanks is owed to everybody at Baddeley Brothers  for getting involved in the launch of London Keeper so wholeheartedly. To wish us luck with the Truman's adventure, they also very kindly presented us with a hand wax seal (pictured above), which we used to individually seal every single bottle (yes, it did take that long).


Jack Hibberd of Truman's with Charles Pertwee of Baddeley Brothers (credit: Colin O'Brien)