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ESTABLISHED 1666 - CLOSED 1989 -  

One of the greatest names in British brewing, Truman's has been a part of London life for almost 350 years. Closed in 1989 during dark days for the brewing industry, we have been working hard to bring Truman's back to its former glory. We craft an eclectic range of great beer in cask, keg and can at our new brewery in Hackney Wick. Everything we brew, we do with with skill, belief and passion. 

A brief history


The Truman’s story is a tale of rise, fall and renewal. The rise lasted for over two hundred and fifty years and was based on great beer, great pubs and respect for the local community. The fall took just under two decades and turned all of this on its head.

Truman’s was founded in 1666 when Brick Lane was just a track flanked by fields. The brewery grew as East London grew and then beyond. For a brief time in the 1800s it was the biggest brewery in the world - it sent Imperial Stout to the Russian court and IPA to the British Raj. It remained resolutely independent until succumbing to the merger mania of the 1980s. In 1989 the brewery and pubs were sold and Truman’s sadly closed its doors.

Thankfully, the name remained. Truman’s is still seen on many local pub walls and the old brewery has become East London’s creative heart. In 2010, Truman’s was re-established by two local beer enthusiasts, James Morgan and Michael-George Hemus.

They based the come back on the principals that made Truman’s great, starting with making great beer once again and having a profound respect for pubs and pub culture.

This renewal was made complete with the opening of the Eyrie, the new Truman’s brewery in Hackney Wick, in the summer of 2013. It may not be anyway near the size of the Brick Lane site, but we hope it will be just as loved.

Truman's today


Re-established 2010

Truman's is proudly brewed in Hackney Wick, just a short walk from the Olympic Park. 

We brew an eclectic range of beers in cask, keg and bottle, ranging from traditional amber ales to hop-forward IPAs. All of our beers are brewed in the signature Truman's style: to be full of flavour and superbly drinkable, from the very first drop to the last. Great  beer, made to be enjoyed, not just admired. 

Since the opening of the new brewery, The Eyrie, Truman's continues to go from strength to strength, sating drinkers' thirst for delicious flavourful beer across the capital and further afield. We've picked up a bagful of industry awards along the way, although its the great reactions we get from drinkers that really makes us smile.  

As well as beer and a brewery, you need basic principles. When Truman's was first reborn, we went to the London Metropolitan Archives to discover the foundations that once made Truman’s great. They are to be innovative, to be professional,  to work with our local community and to make the best beer possible. They might not be revolutionary, but they are important. 

We might never be the largest brewer in the world again, but biggest has never been best. We're proud to be the small brewery with the big name.

The brewery


The Eyrie – Truman's Home

The return of Truman’s to East London in August 2013 saw us settle in the Eyrie – the term for an Eagle’s roost – in Hackney Wick. Situated just a stroll down the Roman Road from the original brewery site in Brick Lane, we are proud to have brought Truman's back to the heart of East London.

We have a 40 barrel brewery, which gives us a good balance between flexibility and efficiency, and a state-of-the art packaging facility. It may not be anywhere near the size of the old Brick Lane site (and we certainly don’t have our own private railway), but we hope it will be just as loved.

Our team


In 2010 Truman’s was reopened by a team of just 2, brought together through their passionate love of beer and brewing. Though the team has grown to just over 20 now who brew, deliver, sell, market and manage our accounts (everything which makes Truman’s as great as possible) the dedication to making great beer is still everyone's foremost concern.

Everyone here does their fair share of prolonged hours, but every second is worth it when we sit down afterward and enjoy the results.

Truman's yeast


The Return of Truman's Yeast

In 2013 our team visited the National Collection of Yeast Cultures at the Institute of Food Research in Norwich to recover the original Truman's yeast strain. Amazingly, it had been stored there immersed in in liquid nitrogen, at -196c, since 1958.

We've taken the strain out of early retirement and put it back to work fermenting our beer at The Eyrie. We see this as a a direct link to the past, as it ensures all of our beers are authentically still Truman’s.

It is a fruity, characterful yeast which puts a unique stamp on every beer it creates. We'd never dream of using anything else.

Why we brew


The reason we re-founded Truman’s is simple: we love beer (we really love beer) and we believe everyone, everywhere deserves to drink it. We also believe great beer is not limited to one style or method of dispense, we want you to enjoy beer whether it comes from a cask, keg, can or bottle.

We also have a passion for East London - its history, its future and the people who make it what it is. East London and Truman's have been a part of each other for 350 years. We started brewing to bring them back together. 

We put skill belief and passion into every beer we brew. We’re proud to be the small brewery with the big name.